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The Native Publishers’s Book Publishing team has some of the most extensive book publication experience in the industry on the most established platforms in book publishing. We have established a name for ourselves, publishing on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Spark, Apple Books, Google Books, and a whole host of other publication platforms. We have honed our publication process to an art form and achieve our goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. We offer all requisite services: book publishing, printing, onward distribution, and marketing.

Turn to The Native Publishers for all your Book Publishing Needs! Here at The Native Publishers, we have realized the dreams of authors from various genres and backgrounds and continue to strive to find even better ways to turn aspiring writers into accomplished and experienced authors.

The Native Publishers

    Our Book Publishing Process

  • Step 1: Submission of the Writer’s Draft
  • The Native Publishers receives the writer’s draft, including notes, guidelines, and details pertaining to printing and publishing.

  • Step 2: Proofreading and Editing
  • Following draft approval, an experienced proofreader will review the manuscript, ensure errors are not left unrectified and analyze and edit as required.

  • Step 3: Typesetting, Images, Illustrations
  • Following proofreading and editing, the setting of fonts takes place, as well as the inclusion of all pertinent images and illustrations

  • Step 4: Book Designing
  • Here, the overall design of the book takes shape, including the creation of the book cover, the inclusion of the bio of the author, a complete table of contents, and page number denotation

  • Step 5: Book Publishing and Distribution
  • After final approval, the client’s work is published in their chosen book format.